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Words of Encouragement


You see, something that is now broken was once whole. That’s you. You are God’s original design, but now, because of life’s experiences, you find yourself broken. This is not God’s perfect will for your life. He desires that you be made whole.  You must stop wasting time and energy looking for wholeness in the wrong places like romance, addictions, or even careers. You must realize that nothing and no one except God has the power to complete you as a person. You must give up unrealistic expectations for others to meet needs that only God can meet. You must rely on God alone for the healing and fulfillment you are seeking. We must not calculate our worth on the basis of our appearance, job performance, success in a certain relationship, or anything other than our identity as God’s beloved child. Stop saying, “It is impossible.” We must embrace the freedom that Christ offers us – to be forgiven and cherished, no matter what, and to express our gratitude by making healthy choices in life. Don’t live your life for other people. Instead, seek to please God by discovering and fulfilling his purposes for your life, no matter what other people think. Stop yourself when an unhealthy thought enters your mind, and challenge it by evaluating its accuracy by asking yourself, “Does this thought line up with the word of God?” The battlefield is in our minds. Understand this: Thoughts that lead to brokenness are the devil’s way of blocking what God wants you to know about who you are in Christ. Immediately destroy those negative thoughts about yourself. Allow your mind to listen to what God has to say about you. If you do, you will find wholeness.