About the Author

My name is Tamika D. Roberson and I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am the only child of a phenomenal woman and the proud mother of one loving son.  I grew up fatherless and for years were immersed in pain. Throughout my youthful years I desired my father’s love and affection. I felt insecure and shattered at a young age but reclaimed my power as an adult.

As an adult, I had to nurture the wounded girl I once was and embrace my pain and emotions for healing to take place. I have a burning desire to tell women who are hurting that there is a way to heal from their pain.  I aim to inspire and encourage young women like myself to be successful women who dream big and achieve their personal, professional and spiritual goals.

I am a graduate of Florida Metropolitan University and has an Associate Degree in Medical Assistant. Shortly after, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and worked as Security Forces, which is the ground combat force and military police for the United States Air Force. I served four years active duty and four years inactive duty.  During my military career I gained my disciplinary and leadership skills. After my military service I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for fifteen years providing a variety of benefits and services to veterans and their families.

I discovered a passion for event design during my latter years at the Department of Veterans Affairs. After retiring, I pursued my career as an event designer full time. I am a highly motivated, dedicated, and ambitious entrepreneur with an aspiration to plan, organize and design any type of event.

I have faithfully served in ministry for twelve years providing spiritual support to the body of Christ. While seeking the spirit of the Lord I began to unveil the wholeness God has for me, that is when I realized that no one except God has the power to complete me.  I count it my greatest privilege to serve and worship the Lord.

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Goal Success Life Coach

I am a certified Goal Success Life Coach who is ready to support you with achieving your goals, whether business, personal or career through effective goal setting techniques.